18.5 Inch Industrial Widescreen Touchscreen Displays Created For OEM

The Versatile, Open-Frame LWT-185O Series

With Caltron Industries’ line of LWT-185O touchscreen monitors, the upgrades are many, yet the installation is simple.

In previous years, industrial users sought a touchscreen monitor solution that was easy to integrate into an existing system. Caltron responded with its renowned open-frame concept. Due to the “drop-in” design, engineers were able to quickly and efficiently install our monitors, regardless of size, into their systems.

Clients were assured that future upgrades would be equally easy because the open-frame design remains consistent from generation to generation.

Today, industrial clients ask for a touchscreen monitor that is easily customized and accommodates a variety of budgets. The adaptable 18.5-inch LWT-185O is Caltron’s answer to those requests.

Value-Added Choices Make for Tailored Touch Screen Solutions

Caltron’s list of value-added options for the LWT-185O touch screen include:

Optical bonding, a dramatic advance in screen visibility technology. Optical bonding involves laminating, then curing, a special glass cover onto the touchscreen monitor’s LDC panel. The tight seal virtually eliminates moisture and dust accumulation and greatly cuts down on glare, from either sunlight or ambient indoor light.

Zero brightness control, which saves energy by dramatically lowering screen illumination.

A preset privacy filter which narrows the viewing angle. Only users directly in front are able to fully view the monitor screen.

Anti-vandal switches, for resistance to damage from humans or the weather.

Additional HDMI and analog audio inputs, if more system connections are needed.

LED Backlighting, Sturdy Metal Construction Are Standard Features

These standard features make the LWT-185O line a leader among industrial wide touchscreen monitors:

• A 2 millimeter-thick metal tray that provides outstanding stability at the point where the LCD panel is mounted.

• Ventilation slots that dissipate heat more efficiently than fans.

• LED enhanced backlighting, which saves on energy usage and is superior to conventional cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) backlighting. CCFL monitors employ mercury gas, which poses health risks in users.

• An easily adjusted sub-assembly. Twisting four screws alters the distance between the front bezel?? and the surface of the LCD panel.

Touch Technology Options Include P-Cap, Resistive

Various applications call for different touch technologies. LWT-185O models are equipped with these touch choices:

Projected Capacitive, or P-Cap. With this choice, you can manipulate images by using more than one finger at once. Because human machine interface applications are increasingly located outside or in bright environments where readability can be a problem, Caltron’s LWT-185OC model employs P-Cap, along with the optical bonding option. The LWT 185OC, which also features 270 nits of brightness, is ideal for use in a bright, outdoor setting.

Five-wire Resistive responds to the touch of a gloved or bare finger, or a stylus-like object. Resistive costs less and consumes less energy. Pressure-sensitive resistive technology implements a tough, polycarbonate-coated screen that helps prevent scratching.

Learn More About Caltron’s LWT-185O Series

The more our clients know about the LWT-185O, the more they realize the value of this latest Caltron series of touchscreen monitors.

Discuss the specifics of upgrading your system with the LWT-185O – and the benefits to end users – with a knowledgeable Caltron engineer. Call 510-440-1800 today. You may also email us to learn more.

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LWT-185O Touch Screen Open Frame Design Monitors Caltron Industries

The LWT-185O, Tailored to Meet the Needs of Your Application


The engineers at Caltron Industries understand how important it is for a business to have choices when it comes to designing touch screen interface applications.

That’s why they’ve built plenty of options into the LWT-185O series of touchscreen monitors. In today’s competitive economy, Caltron’s array of powerful and state of the art touchscreen monitor applications can fit in most any product interface application.

The LWT-185O, an 18.5” touchscreen, with a base model that already features outstanding visual display quality, also offers an optical bonding option that brings the user experience to another level. With optical bonding, a glass cover is laminated onto the LCD panel, then cured. The process greatly reduces glare and accumulation of moisture and dust, improving the clarity of the display.

Caltron also includes standard features that make the LWT-185O’s high-definition display easy to view under a range of lighting conditions:

• Wide viewing angles of 170 degrees left to right and 160 degrees top to bottom. The latest in Caltron’s line of widescreen commercial widescreen monitors has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

• LED enhanced backlighting, particularly useful in low-light conditions. Additional benefits to this type of enhanced backlighting: Unlike cold cathode fluorescent lamp-sourced backlighting, our LED backlighting employs no harmful mercury gas, and is more energy-efficient. A business can expect power savings of up to 20 percent with the HWT-185O.

• Brightness of up to 300 nits (light intensity units)

Choose from Two Types of Advanced Touch Technology

Design engineers can further customize the LWT-185O with a choice of touch technology, depending on the application:

• Five-wire resistive, which responds to the precision touch of a finger, either bare or gloved, and a stylus-like object. Resistive is typically found in PCs and navigation applications. Benefits of this touch technology are its lower cost and energy efficiency.

• Projected capacitive, also known as P-Cap. This technology enables a user to manipulate an image by using more than one finger at once. P-Cap is often found in smartphones. P-Cap is also scratch-resistant, making it a good choice for screens that are used 24/7.

The LWT-185O’s Additional Value-Added Options

• A privacy filter that renders the display difficult to see for anyone not directly in front of the monitor.

• Zero brightness control, another energy-saver.

• Durable anti-vandal switches.

• Extra HDMI and analog audio inputs.

Contact Us to Find Out More About Our Customizable LWT-185O Series

The LWT-185O is Caltron’s first 18.5-inch monitor, but it maintains the open-frame concept that characterizes all the company’s touchscreen monitors. The drop-in design allows integrators to efficiently upgrade existing systems.

Other features the LWT-185O shares with all Caltron touchscreen monitors include ventilation slots instead of noisy fans for quick heat dissipation and a 2mm-thick panel tray for durability.

The type of 18” monitor that suits best depends on your application. One of our engineers is available to discuss the ways Caltron Industries’ LWT-185O upgrades your system and improves the user experience. Call us today at 510-440-1800, or email us to learn more.

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Caltron Announces Outdoor, Bright Light Friendly Touchscreen Monitor Line

Latest Caltron Touchscreen Monitor Geared for Bright, Outdoor Uses

HWT-121O can be customized with optical bonding and P-Cap or resistive touch technologies

For immediate release
FREMONT, CA (June 9, 2017)

Caltron Industries continues to refine the visual display capabilities of its line of touchscreen monitors with the introduction of the HWT-121O, designed for extraordinary performance in bright surroundings.

The HWT-121O is an advanced version of the 12.1-inch touchscreen monitor that Caltron has manufactured for years. Because the display remains sharp and clear even in sunlight, Caltron president Jim Wang said he expects the HWT-121O to be popular in outdoor applications, such as self-serve kiosks, and the banking and aerospace industries.

Caltron has built leading-edge display technology into the HWT-121O. In addition to energy-saving brightness enhancement that is superior to CCFL backlighting and sensor software that adjusts screen brightness according to ambient light, Caltron offers optical bonding as an optional upgrade.

Optical bonding is the process by which a specially treated pane of glass is sealed to the LCD display panel. The glass eliminates dust and moisture from accumulating on the panel and greatly reduces reflected light.

Companion models offer a choice of touch technologies. The HWT-121OR features resistive touch, which responds to the touch of either a bare or gloved finger, or stylus. The HWT-121OC is equipped with multi-touch projective capacitive technology. With P-Cap, the user can manipulate the display with one or several fingers.

While display and touch options make the HWT-121O customizable for a variety of uses, qualities that Caltron engineers into its entire line of touchscreen monitors remain consistent:

• All Caltron monitors are open-frame construction. The bare-bones design facilitates quick and easy integration into enclosures of existing systems.

• The metal LDC panel tray is a tough 2mm thick and withstands continuous, rough usage.

• Vents in the metal chassis provide outstanding heat dissipation and do away with the need for noisy fans.

About Caltron
Caltron Industries is a Silicon Valley-based company that is at the forefront of the revolution in computer display technology. We provide cost-effective solutions for a wide range of industrial clients seeking to replace outdated CRT monitors or upgrade widescreen monitors with cutting-edge models that better serve their employees or customers.

For more information on the HWT-121O, or to learn more about how the HWT-121O can be customized specifically for your business, talk to a Caltron customer representative.

Call 510-440-1800 or email us.

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12.1 Inch Outdoor Touch Screen Open Frame Monitors | Caltron Industries

The Innovative HWT-121O Family Moves Touchscreens Outdoors

Caltron Industries’ HWT-121O is engineered for solutions seeking a mid-sized touchscreen monitor that solves the problems of long-term outdoor use.

Caltron is one of the first manufacturers of 12.1-inch touchscreen monitors. Early display and interface monitors worked well in applications that were largely confined to well-lit, indoor settings.

Today, human machine interface applications are increasingly found outdoors, as well. Now the public and industry demand touchscreen monitors that hold up well and are easy to use under all types of conditions, Caltron has applied more than 20 years of experience building 12.1-inch monitors to create the new HWT-121O line.

HWT-121O: Improved Display, and Two Touch Options

Our engineers integrated exciting technological advances that make the customizable HWT-121O an ideal solution for applications in kiosks, the aerospace and banking industries, or military applications.

The HWT-121O provides product solutions with innovations in these areas:

Display Visibility in Sunlight

Even in sunlight, display visibility in this new line of touchscreen monitors is consistently clear and concise. Optional optical bonding, in which a panel of treated glass is sealed directly to the display, blocks moisture and dust while virtually eliminating reflected light.

The LCD panel is also exceptionally bright, measuring up to 1,000 nits, nearly four times that of a conventional 12.1-inch monitor. Instead of CCFL backlighting using mercury vapor that is dangerous to people and the environment, Caltron has installed cutting-edge brightness enhancement technology that reduces energy use by as much as 20 percent.

Touch Technology in a Variety of Applications

HWT-121O offers companion models with a choice of two types of popular touch technology:

The HWT-121OR features resistive touch, found in applications such as automobile navigation devices, PCs, and in-flight entertainment. Resistive touch is very precise, activated by an object such as a stylus, or either a bare or gloved finger. It is cheaper and uses less energy than other touch technologies.

The HWT-121OC utilizes projected capacitive touch technology or P-Cap. This technology enables a user to manipulate an image by using multiple fingers at the same time. It is commonly found in smartphones. P-Cap is scratch-resistant, a benefit in applications that are used for hours at a time.

Value-added Features in Rougher Environments

Caltron offers options that make the HWT-121O line particularly suited for outdoor uses. Tough anti-vandal glass guards against humidity and changes in temperature. Sensor software adapts screen brightness when ambient light fluctuates.

New HWT-121O Line Includes Standard Open-Frame Design

The open-frame design of all Caltron Industries monitors facilitates easy integration of the HWT-121O into existing systems. Upgrades can be completed quickly and efficiently.

Another feature of HWT-121O models to provide superior performance in warm weather: quick heat dissipation through ventilation slots.

Businesses can also eliminate the possibility of human error in operation with the lockable on-screen display management features.

Learn More About the Exciting HWT-121O Line

With two choices of touch technology and improved display visibility, Caltron Industries’ HWT-121O line can help your business make the most of the new opportunities.

Talk with a Caltron engineer today about the HWT-121O series of interface monitors. For answers and additional information, call 510-440-1800, or email us for more information.

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How To Select Resistive, PCAP or SAW Touch Technologies


Industrial touchscreen technology has advanced to provide many different options.

5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Technology

5-Wire Resistive Touch Screen Technology represents a revolution in the industry of touch screens. Technology can sometimes be vulnerable to environmental conditions such as liquid spills, humidity, wash down. Users get an increase in reliability and durability, protecting against these hazards, plus longer product life for their touchscreen. 5-Wire Resistive touch screen panels technology leads the pack in contamination-resistant components with drift-free operation capable of more than 35 million finger touches.

Resistive LCD industrial touchscreen technology consists of a glass (or similar material) panel coated with electrically conductive and resistive layers. Each layer is separated by invisible separator dots. Activated LCD touchscreens displays have an electrical current traveling through the screen, casting a net across the monitor face. Any applied pressure from touching pushes the layers together, generating an electrical current change which registers a command.

Reliable touch screen technology resists environmental changes, meaning that no recalibration is necessary for precise functionality. The most practical of touch screen technologies are resistive-type touch screens; their durability has earned them the reputation as the “workhorse of touch screen technologies.” The overwhelming popularity of this type of touch screen technology demonstrates its reliability and durability under a variety of extreme conditions.

Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screen Technology

SAW Touch Screen Technology uses ultrasonic wave technology over the touch panel. Acoustic waves travel across the panel with a series of transducers and reflectors, creating an invisible grid across the screen. The waves are broken when a finger pushes on the touchscreen. Industrial touchscreen technology detects the particular location, sending the position data to the controller for processing. If the sensor detects a link, an action is launched — like clicking a mouse. SAW Touch Screen Technology panels are the most advanced touch screen technologies available but are susceptible to environmental damage.

Made entirely of glass, there are no layers to wear down, giving SAW the highest durability and clarity available. SAW touchscreen technology is ideal for medical applications, touch displays, kiosks, computer-based training, or other high-traffic indoor environments. Also, this touch screen technology requires the use of a glass layer, making it potentially unavailable for all LCD panels.

Projected Capacitive Touch Screen Technology

A Projected Capacitive Touch has the ability to enable multi-touch that Resistive and SAW touch technologies are unable to achieve. Since this glass has multi-touch capabilities, the touch function works a bit differently. The touch glass is embedded with transparent electrode films with an IC chip that creates a three-dimensional electrostatic field. When a finger touches the screen, the electrical currents change. The computer can then detect the touch points to determine the location touched. Projected Capacitive touch screens are clearer than surface capacitive touch glasses. This type of glass is more scratch resistant than that of Surface Capacitive touch glass and has the multi-touch capability.

Traditional consumer grade PCAP has some downsides, including sensitivity to EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) or RFI (Radio Frequency Interference). Activation can only be done with a bare finger or with thin gloves on. Those shortcomings have been improved on our industrial PCAP touch technology.

Go here to find all touchscreen technology display monitors Caltron provides.

This article was originally posted on http://www.caltronind.com/articles by Caltron Industries Inc, revised it to include PCAP technology recently.

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LWT-215O Family of 21” Touch Screen Monitors Caltron Industries

New Series of 21.5in Touchscreens Provide Options for Innovative Applications

The new line of LWT-215O 21.5in touchscreen monitors from Caltron Industries enables application and equipment design engineers to meet the demands of a variety of interface requirements for large-screen applications. Resistive and capacitive touch options have been integrated, offering great flexibility for different use applications.

With the different types of touch technology available, the LWT-215O series is suitable for a wide range of applications, including digital signage, gaming, entertainment, ATMs, kiosks, and the medical industry.

Choices include:

• The LWT-215OR features resistive touch, the most widespread touch technology today. Resistive touch is activated by a finger or an object such as a stylus.

• The LWT-215OC implements projected capacitive touch technology, also known as P-Cap, which is commonly found in smartphones. P-Cap is great for applications where a person may wear gloves. It also allows a user to manipulate an image by using more than one finger at a time.

Selecting the appropriate touchscreen technology depends on how the screen is used, especially for gloved or covered-hand applications. Resistive touch costs less and uses less energy. P-Cap offers clearer screen images and resists scratching, even when used for hours at a time. It also works well on large screens.

Caltron Industries’ team of application engineers assists clients in determining which touch technology is best for their requirements.

Open-Frame Design of Durable LWT-215O Facilitates Fast Retrofits

All Caltron touchscreen monitor solutions feature an enduring open-frame design. An LWT-215O monitor, with its sturdy metal enclosure, can be quickly and easily integrated into an existing system.

Future upgrades will also be simple, since the open-frame design will remain consistent with every new generation of LCD panels that Caltron produces.

Caltron’s upgraded LWT-215O series also utilizes:

• LED backlight technology, for increased energy efficiency. LED backlighting replaces mercury-based CCFL technology, which can also pose a hazard to the environment.

• On-screen display (OSD) management that eliminates human error. Only a service team using required key combinations can open OSD controls.

• Vents in the metal chassis that provide heat dissipation superior to that of a noisy fan that needs maintenance.

Customizable features include a privacy filter and energy-saving zero brightness control. Brightness on the LWT-215OR is 200 nits, or candlelight per square meter, while brightness on the LWT-215OC is 225 nits. Both touchscreen monitors are ideal for indoor or outdoor applications.

Touchscreens of 22 Inches Give Way to the LWT-215O

Over several years, the 21.5-inch LCD panel has replaced 22-inch panels for industrial use because, according to Jim Wang, president of Caltron Industries, “the newer models’ functional application specifications are superior to previous models. Viewing angles are wider and the resolution has improved dramatically for a better user experience.”

For the LWT-215O series, viewing angles have been improved to 178 degrees, left to right and top to bottom. A resolution of 1920×1080 makes the LWT-215O perfect for high-definition applications.

Caltron Industries has the right 21.5 inch touchscreen model for your business application. Call 510-440-1800 today to speak to a sales engineer. You may also email us for more information.

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LWT-215O, LWT-215OR, LWT-215OC Touch Screen Open Frame Design Monitors Caltron Industries

lwt-215o 22-inch lcd widescreen industrial monitor

LWT-215O, 22″ open frame display monitor

LWT-215O Series Offers Choices in 21.5” Touchscreen Technology

New Interface Options Great for a Variety of Digital Signage, Gaming and Medical Equipment Applications

Caltron Industries has created its new LWT-215O 21.5 touchscreen monitors series for projects needing larger screen applications, but may have differing interface requirements. With three great options for a variety of user interface demands, the LWT-215O series has a solution for nearly all applications.

The LWT-215OR implements mainstream resistive touch technology, common for many standard human interface requirements. The LWT-215OC offers projected capacitive touch technology, or P-Cap, that is commonly found in smart phones. To determine the best screen technology for applications, the development team needs to understand how the screen will be used.

Resistive technology has some advantages in that it costs less, uses less energy and can be activated by any object, finger or stylus. P-Cap implementation costs slightly more but addresses unique user interface and maintenance demands, such as producing clearer screen images, users are able to use more than one finger simultaneously to manipulate an image. P-Cap’s robust surface protects the screen from scratching even after hours of use.

Caltron Industries’ application engineers assist our clients in selecting the best touchscreen technology for your interface needs. The LWT-215O series is particularly suited for digital signage and medical industries as well as aviation simulation. Other applications where this large screen solution is perfect include ATMs, vending machines, gaming, kiosks, news and entertainment.

All of Caltron’s touchscreen monitor solutions feature signature open-frame design, valued by businesses that may update their systems over time. A slim-but-sturdy metal enclosure allow for easy retrofits of new Caltron touchscreen monitors into existing systems. The core mechanical design, which Caltron has kept consistent for more than a decade, is referred to as “drop-in” construction for its ease in implementation.

LWT-215O Replaces Previous 22-inch Touchscreens

According to Jim Wang, president of Caltron Industries, “The 21.5-inch LCD panel has gradually replaced older 22-inch panels for industrial use because the newer models’ functional application specifications are superior to previous models. Viewing angles are wider and the resolution has improved dramatically for a better user experience.”

Viewing angles for the LWT-215O series have been boosted to 178 degrees, left to right and top to bottom. With a resolution of 1920×1080, the LWT-215O is also a true HD panel, ideal for applications that require high definition imagery. The high resolution also provides for easy viewing under a variety of operating conditions, indoors and outdoors.

Additional attributes of the LWT-215O family of touchscreens include:

• The elimination of human error in the on-screen display (OSD) management. OSD controls can be opened only by a service team using required key combinations.

• Heat dissipation through vents in the metal chassis is vastly improved, eliminating the need for a noisy, distracting fan that may require maintenance.

• LED backlight technology replaces traditional mercury-based CCFL technology, increasing energy efficiency during use and eliminating dangerous materials in its manufacturing.

A Caltron Industries sales engineer can help you select the right 21.5 inch touchscreen model for your business application. Call 510-440-1800 today or email us to learn more.

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