LBT-1904O, HBT-1904O Touch Screen Monitors from Caltron Industries

Caltron’s Line of 19-Inch Monitors Offer Durability, Ease of Installation

With the LBT-1904O and HBT-1904O line, Caltron Industries offers robust 19-inch open frame monitors with improved touch technology that retain a reliably easy-to-install design.

Engineers can count on Caltron’s tried-and-true open-frame design to simplify integration into an existing system. The “drop-in” construction, which has remained unchanged for more than 10 years, facilitates upgrades for years to come and features backward compatibility with older systems.

Caltron’s 19-inch monitors are engineered for use in a variety of settings, including kiosks, ticket dispensers, and vending machines, as well as medical and aviation industries. Models include the LBT-1904OC and HBT-1904OC, which feature advanced P-Cap touch technology.

This version of P-Cap has high noise immunity and is responsive even when the user is wearing gloves, overcoming two functionality challenges that prevented many businesses from using conventional P-Cap.

Other LBT-1904O and HBT-1904O models are equipped with either SAW or resistive single touch technology.

All Caltron 19-inch monitors offer:

Outstanding viewability. With an aspect ratio of 4:3, the expansive 19-inch screen has an aspect ratio of 4:3. HBT, or “high bright” monitors, feature at least 1120 nits, a unit of brightness, which is ideal for outdoor use.

Durability. A tough, 2mm-thick metal panel tray supports and protects the sensitive LCD panel, while quality electronic components ensure lengthy product life.

Energy savings. LCD panels on each model of Caltron’s 19-inch monitor are backlit by LED technology, which reduces energy consumption by as much as 20 percent. Heat is quietly dissipated from the metal chassis via vents instead of energy-consuming fans.

Caltron Monitors, Built for Easy Integration

Caltron monitors are favorites of IT employees and system integrators because installation and adjustments are easily done. For example, on the LCD panel sub-assembly, the distance between the panel surface the front bezel can easily be altered by adjusting just four screws.

Another feature: A lockable OSD that allows only IT or service team employees to work on the unit, ensuring consistent display for all users.

Find out more about Caltron Industries’ improved line of 19-inch monitors. Call 510-440-1800 to speak to an application engineer or email us.

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LBT-1904O, HBT-1904O Caltron Industries 19 in Touch Screen Open Frame Design Monitors

Latest 19-Inch Monitors Continues Proud Caltron Tradition of Innovative Touch Screen Solutions

Caltron Industries’ improved line of 19-inch open-frame monitors features major upgrades in projected capacitive, or P-Cap, touch-screen technology.

Newly-introduced versions of the LBT-1904O and the HBT-1904O offer two touch-screen options: Surface Acoustic Wave, or SAW, and resistive single touch. Businesses may choose the touch technology that best suits their requirements.

Caltron’s advanced LBT-1904OC and HBT-1904OC models are outfitted with ground-breaking P-Cap technology that overcomes two critical functionality problems of the past:

lbt-1904oc 19-inch touch screen monitors

19-inch industrial touch screen

• Electrical interference. The high noise immunity of Caltron’s cutting-edge P-Cap eliminates the possibility that “noise” from nearby electronics equipment, or even static electricity, will affect performance. Medical offices and hospitals will benefit from this P-Cap breakthrough.

• Non-responsiveness to gloves. Conventional P-Cap responds to touch via sensors, not pressure, making the technology unsuitable for industries in which the user must wear gloves. Caltron’s 1904OC monitors overcome this challenge and can easily be used in factories or other settings in which gloves are commonly worn.

More About Our 19-Inch Monitors

More about Caltron’s LBT-1904O and the HBT-1904O line of monitors:

• With an aspect ratio of 4:3, the expansive 19-inch screen offers wide angles for viewing and is ideal for use in kiosks, vending machines, ticket dispensers, and medical and aviation applications.

• Caltron’s well-known open-frame design, unchanged since 2005, allows for fast assembly and makes it easy and inexpensive for business owners and managers to upgrade monitors in the future.

• Our HBT, or “high bright” monitors, feature at least 1120 nits, a unit of brightness, for greater clarity under outdoor conditions.

• Video graphics array inputs are standard, but analog audio, DVI, S-Video BNC and composite video input options are also available.

• Cooling by vents instead of fans keeps operation quiet.

• Sturdy construction stands up to continual, 24-hour use.

Learn how Caltron Industries’ diverse line of 19-inch touchscreen monitors can provide a unique product to improve the user interface and productivity in a variety of solutions. Call 510-440-1800 to speak to a Caltron application engineer, or email us.
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Easy to Integrate 10″ Touchscreen Monitor | Commercial Touchscreen Monitors

Caltron’s LWT-101O: Easy to Integrate

10 Inch Touchscreen Monitors Designed with the customer in Mind

The LWT-101O 10” touchscreen monitor’s installation is so easy, it’s hard to believe it can perform so many tasks so well.

Caltron Industries, a leader in the development of lightweight, wide-screen monitors over the past 20 years, has designed the LWT-101O for the convenience of equipment engineers facing both budget and time constraints.


LWT-101O series video introduction

Your design staff can appreciate the straightforward open-frame design, consisting of a strong metal housing with no enclosure, making the monitor “drop-in ready” for integration into medical, pharmaceutical and vending machine applications. A hefty 2-millimeter metal tray provides durable support for the LCD panel, even with around-the-clock use.

Because Caltron’s open-frame concept does not change from one generation to the next, the future addition of any model from the LWT-101O series of 10 inch touch monitors always involves the same simple process.

The LWT-101O also features a choice of resistive touch or five-point projected capacitive touch technologies, both supported by Linux, Mac, and Windows. P-Cap, growing in popularity, offers high noise immunity and works well even when its industrial or medical end users are wearing gloves.

The touchscreen monitor’s LED backlighting reduces energy usage by as much as 20 percent and offers superior screen resolution. Unlike CCFL backlights, LED technology is also environmentally safe because it employs no harmful mercury.

The LWT-101O comes equipped with standard video graphic array and HDMI inputs, but also can be customized with additional inputs, including analog audio inputs.

With outstanding brightness and resolution, a widescreen aspect ratio of 16:10 and screen viewing angles of 160 degrees both left to right and top to bottom, the LWT-101O was built for both indoor and outdoor applications. The LCD panel can be quickly modified for optimal viewing by adjusting four screws on the LCD panel’s sub-assembly.

Call 510-440-1800 or email Caltron today to find out how the versatile LWT-101O 10” touchscreen monitor can benefit your next product interface design.

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LWT-101O 10” Touchscreen Monitor | Widescreen and P-Cap Enabled

The LWT-101O, Another Tough Caltron Widescreen Monitor

The LWT-101O, Caltron Industries’ latest addition to its line of 10.1 inch touchscreen monitors, is ideal for kiosks, vending machines or virtually any other business application that requires a versatile, easily installed widescreen panel.

Integrating the LWT-101O into your system is simplified because of Caltron’s well-known open-frame design.  The “drop-in ready” construction will not change, even when subsequent generations of LCD panels are introduced, making it an enduring, cost-saving feature favored by business owners and entrepreneurs conscious of the bottom line.

New 10” Touch Screen Provides P-Cap and Widescreen Advantages

10 inch widescreen lcd touch screen display monitor

LWT-101O | 10.1 In Wide Aspect Industrial Display Monitor

The LWT-101O comes with a choice of the two most common touch technologies, resistive touch or five-point projected capacitive. You can choose from the flexibility and accuracy of resistive or the ultra-responsiveness of multi-touch P-cap, used in most smartphones. Both technologies are fully supported by Windows, Mac and Linux.

The LWT-101O also comes with standard video graphic array and HDMI inputs, but Caltron can customize the product with additional inputs, including analog audio inputs.

All Caltron monitors offer superior heat ventilation, making them ideal for outdoor use and in all types of weather. A strong, heavy-duty 2 millimeter metal panel tray enables the LWT-101O to function at a high level, even when used 24 hours a day, every day.

With an aspect ratio of 16:10 and wide viewing angles – 160 degrees left to right, 160 degrees top to bottom – the LWT-101O was built to be easily seen by one or more users. Viewing is also enhanced by LED backlighting, which provides outstanding screen resolution while saving as much as 20 percent on energy usage.

Other backlighting methods, such as cold cathode fluorescent lamps, contain mercury, but LED backlighting employs no mercury and is safer for the environment.

Caltron Industries is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of lightweight open-frame LCD monitors for all types of commercial uses. To learn more about the LWT-101O 10.1 inch widescreen monitor, or to choose the Caltron product that works best for your business, call 510-440-1800 or email Caltron today.

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15 in Touch Screen Monitor w P-Cap Screen | Reverse Compatible Touchscreen Monitors

New 15 inch Touch Screen Monitor with Improved Performance

Caltron Industries has engineered the new LBT-1503OC for IT specialists who appreciate a quality 15-inch touchscreen monitor that can be easily integrated into their human machine interface (HMI) systems.

lbt-1503oc left 260_200The LBT-1503OC features Caltron’s well-known and highly adaptable open-frame construction, which facilitates even the most complex upgrades. Touch screen monitor frames are built of sturdy metal that holds up to the rigors of constant use in all types of applications, including retail, gaming, aviation, kiosks, healthcare, and finance.

Caltron also has incorporated its five-point projected capacitive (P-Cap) technology into its newest 15-inch monitor, which is supported by Linux, Windows, and Mac. Common in smartphones, P-Cap is widely considered to be today’s premier touchscreen technology for high noise immunity, responsiveness and accuracy.

Caltron’s Back-Compatible LBT-1503OC Monitor Adds P-Cap and Stronger Construction

The 15” LBT-1503OC touch screen monitor is well-suited for projects that involve working with multiple, older formats. Every touchscreen monitor manufactured by Caltron has backward compatibility, so integration with older formats is never a problem.

Other notable features of Caltron Industries’ LBT-1503OC touchscreen monitor:

  • Mercury-free LED backlighting that is more energy efficient than CCFLs, while providing brilliant 1024×768 XGA resolution to the LCD panel.
  • Wide viewing angles – 160 degrees, left to right, and 150 degrees from top to bottom – and a brightness of 360 nits makes the LBT 1503-OC the ideal touchscreen monitor for both indoor and outdoor use.
  • Alternative mounting locations allow for the most convenient placing of On Screen Display settings. Brightness and contrast settings may be placed at either the front or outside the back cover.
  • An extra-strong 2mm-thick LCD panel metal tray provides support and protection to the fragile panel and prevents separation from the touch overlay sensor.

Caltron Industries’ lightweight touchscreen LCD monitors have been the industry standard for more than 20 years. Call 510-440-1800 or email Caltron for 3-D electronic files and more information on the LBT-1503OC.

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LBT-1503OC Display Monitor Your Industrial Touch Screen Products Best Selection

Our Versatile LBT 1503OC Monitor: the Perfect Fit for Your Touch Screen Products

Because of Caltron Industries’ new LBT-1503OC touchscreen monitor, designers and builders of human-interface systems now have a robust, 15-inch touchscreen monitor at their disposal that seamlessly integrates into numerous HMI systems.

Caltron has engineered the LBT-1503OC touchscreen for optimal functionality and flexibility for industrial applications in fields such as healthcare, finance, retail, gaming, and aviation. The monitor is built for heavy duty commercial use and features Caltron’s enduring open frame design.

LBT-1503OC introduction video

LBT-1503OC introduction video

Introduced in the mid-2000s, open frame construction monitors are highly adaptable – a business can install replacement upgrades quickly and easily while avoiding costly downtime. All Caltron touchscreen monitors have backward compatibility that facilitates integration with older formats.

With a brightness of 360 nits, the LBT-1503OC is also the solution for companies looking for a quality 15-inch touch screen monitor that can be used in virtually any setting, indoors or outdoors. Caltron has also outfitted the LBT-1503OC with advanced LED backlighting instead of traditional Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps.

LED backlighting is superior because it provides1024x768 XGA resolution to the LCD panel, uses less energy than CCFLs, and contains no mercury, found to be hazardous to the environment.

Employee-friendly features of the LBT-1503OC touchscreen include:

  • A standard video graphic array input and options for digital visual interface, BNC connector, S-video, and composite video inputs.
  • Projected capacitive five-point touch technology that is instantly responsive and supported by Mac, Windows and Linux.
  • Simple ergonomic and visual adjustments. Loosening and tightening adjustments with eight reposition controls for the proper placement of the touch surface in your application.

Over the last 20 years, Caltron Industries has led the way in the development of thin, lightweight commercial LCD monitors for industrial applications. Your business can choose from a full line of 15-inch touchscreen monitors of varying brightness capabilities and aspect ratios. Call 510-440-1800 or email Caltron to learn more.

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Caltron Introduces Groundbreaking 12-Inch HMI Monitor Design

Caltron Industries has introduced the LBT-1212OC, a groundbreaking 12-inch touch screen monitor that features major improvements in optics, assembly, and touch-screen capability.


The LBT-1212OC touch screen monitor is built for heavy-duty human machine interface applications such as gaming, retail, interactive kiosks, ATMs, and healthcare equipment. Caltron has incorporated “projected capacitive” – or P-Cap – touchscreen technology into the LBT-1212OC, which provides for multi-finger touch capability and bright, clear displays superior to those of touch technologies such as restive and surface acoustic wave.

The P-Cap interface is also well-suited to resist water and dust so it can be used for both indoor functions and outdoor applications such as ticket dispensers.

Display resolution of Caltron’s new monitor is 1024×768, higher than the 800×600 of other monitors. The improved resolution and palm-sized active interact area allows more information to be displayed on the screen compared to other 12-inch monitors.

Caltron Industries, a leading manufacturer of innovative open-frame monitors for nearly 20 years, has also engineered the LBT-1212OC to be “drop-in ready,” or easily integrated into various industrial systems for shorter assembly and production times.

Other features of the improved resolution screen include:

  • Fanless technology that distributes heat through ventilation slots and is quieter than monitors cooled by fans.
  • Better optic specs. With a brightness peak level of 400 candlelight, the monitor display is easier to view in any light conditions.
  • Industrial-grade LCD panels with product life spans of three to five years, meaning fewer costly equipment modifications. Touch sensors and electronic components in the LBT-1212OC are also commercial quality, and the structure itself is made of double layers of metal.
  • Backward compatibility with older formats. Monitor upgrades are possible without replacing entire systems.

Caltron Industries was a pioneer in the industrial conversion from tube monitors to thinner, lighter LCD technology in the late 1990s. Caltron products are built to last and designed to save production and replacement costs.

Every Caltron product includes engineering support to ensure Caltron’s monitors are successfully integrated into existing systems and the customer is satisfied.

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